This site is under construction and we thank all Volunteers for making it possible. Dated 17 March 2022.

was founded by Yogesh K. Bhatia in 2011 after he lost his younger brother, Lt. Col. Nitin Bhatia, in an Army Aviation helicopter crash.

To honor Nitin’s memory, Yogesh decided to dedicate the rest of his life to helping those less privileged than him.

Many of his NRI friends living in Vancouver and Houston joined him in this venture. For the past 10 years, this small group has been organizing the Gift a Sight Project. Now, Gift a Skill, Gift a Vision, and Gift a Life Projects have also been started in India.

To date (1st March 2022), free cataract eye surgeries have been provided to 4800+ people. 30,000+ free eyeglasses have been distributed. More than 100000 people have been checked in rural eyesight camps. Every year, Yogesh and his team change the lives of thousands of people in rural India.

This is totally voluntary work and the organization only pays for surgery, eyesight glasses, and minimal overheads to professionals. Yogesh puts his own funds too into the project, pays for his own tickets to India, and does not take any kind of personal benefit or honorarium from the FFCF. Accounts, details, and expenditures are open to scrutiny for anyone.


What We Do

Gift a Sight

A project to provide free Pheco-Cataract Surgery to old widows, street people, and people with challenging financial situations. We select them and then fund their cataract Surgery in Hospitals. These are life-changing experiences Now we are getting ready for the Year 2020 project and it was our 10th year doing this project.

Click Here to see a detailed project report on Gift a Sight in a .pdf format. to be updated..

Gift a Vision

an extensive program with the goal of giving 20,000 slums school children access to vision screenings and distribute free glasses to those in need and further treatment if required. We are starting this year with this extensive program.

Click Here to see a detailed project report on Gift a Vision in a .pdf format.