Is Friends For Cause a registered charity in Canada?

Yes, we are registered under the society act and but do not have CRA registration.

How do we help?

There are several ways but the best is to make my campaign viral, talk about it on facebook and if possible donate a small amount. To donate to us kindly visit our Go fund site.

Click Here.

How do we collect your funds?

We put in our own funds, then friends and relatives join us and contribute. Sometimes anonymous people fund us small amounts. Members and friends of FFCF over face-book have contributed us.

How are funds being collected, is it online, secure and do i get a tax receipt?

Undre update Yes, it is all online, it is secure as it is through online crowd funding site GoFundMe -Gift A Vision(Click HERE) to go on this site. Yes you will get a tax receipt if you sent us a e-mail after donating.

Should i become your friend on Face-book and help you make this project success:
Yes for sure, we need all our friends to make this Project success. We can’t do it without you. Please send us friend request on our FB account of Yogesh Bhatia or to Tanmai Bhatia.

I still have few more questions before I donate, can you answer?

Yes for sure, send me a e-mail at yogivancouver@gmail.com, and we will reply.