Our History

What is this project “Gift a Sight 2015”:
“Gift a Sight 2015”  is a project to provide free Pheco Cataract Surgery to old widows, street woman and other needy people in and around Vrindavan city of India.

Who are these woman:
Read at bottom this page about these woman. 

Who are you:
We are few young people, who have formed FFC to do meaningful charity. Eye surgery for street people is our first GOAL.

Do i get tax receipt:
Yes, our  parent organistaion gives you tax receipt. It is registerd charity in US. We are not registered as FFC, it is small group.

Are you planning to get registered as charity in Canada
Yes, process is underway and you too can join us. 

Is it your first project:
This is our 4th Project and till date we have funded more then 300 surgeries in India.

So how it works:
We organize eye surgery  for some very financially challenging people in  India, this  year our project is known as  “Gift a Sight 2015” .  One  of   our volunteer calls it colors. Read more on clicking colors and it will give you a very clear idea, what generation Z thinks. or click DONATE button to donate directly. 

​How can i help:
There are several ways but the best is make my campaign viral, talk about it on facebook and if possible donate a small amount. 

Who will execute this Project:
Friends For Cause (FFC) members (we go to India to join) and few Indian NGO will execute this project in India. 

Who is collecting funds:
Members and friends of FFC over facebook. And as mentioned, Besides us, our parent group International Gaudiya Vedenta Society (IGVS), Houston is helping us in this endeavor for collection of funds.  Once you click here DONATE  button then you are directed to secure site  of IGVS for donation. 

How are funds being collected, is it online, secure and do i get a tax receipt:
Yes,  it is all online, it is secure as it is through online crowd funding site FirstGiving. Yes you get tax receipt.  IGVS , Houston will give you  a tax receipt for your donation.  Please read the note on left hand site.  

Should i become your friend on facebook and help you make this project success: 
Yes for sure, we need all our  friends to make this Project success. We can’t do it without you. Please send us  friend request on our  FB account of   FFC  or  to Tanmai Bhatia. 

I still have few more questions before I donate, can you answer them.
Yes for sure, send me a e-mail at yogeshyb@yahoo.com or bhatiatanmai156@gmail.com and we will reply.

Widows of Vrindavan, India.

Until recently, in many parts of  India, child marriages was common where girls as young as 5  were married to much older men. By the time they were  14 or 15 and ready to be sent to their in-laws house, their husbands are well into their old age and often die a few years after their young wives come to live with them. Many such girls, who are widowed at young age, have to go through the same customs as all widows by never remarrying.

The largest number of widows currently living together in ashrams located in northern India are in Vrindavan. It’s believed that 20,000 widows live on the streets of Vrindavan, a city of about 80,000 in northern India.

Left  by society, forgotten by their families because they’re seen as a financial drain on their families thousands of India’s widows live in flock to the city of Vrindavan waiting to die. They live in miserable conditions, some being given US 20 CENT / day as pocket money.  Many beg for food  and have no proper healthcare ,  no proper housing  and very bad financial situation.

We did small survey on these widows and found many need proper eye care and several are suffering from Cataract. 

If one visit Vrindavan then one can  found  these widows on side streets with walking canes, their heads shaved and their pain etched by hundreds of deep wrinkles in their faces.

This is the poorest of the poor group in the third world country. 

We plan 1000 cataract surgeries for these women and old people living on street.