About Nitin Bhatia

Behind the Scene

From a young age, Nitin harbored a strong desire to serve his country by joining the army. He was born in Aligarh and attended Our Lady Fatima School before enrolling in Aligarh Muslim University to pursue his grade 12 education. However, his calling to serve his country was too strong to ignore, and he was selected to join the Indian Army NDA at a young age. He was also selected to various engineering courses like IIT but decided to go with NDA

Nitin eventually became an Army Officer, later shifting  Army Aviation and dedicating his life to dangerous missions as a pilot. Tragically, he gave his life for his country during one of these missions. Nitin firmly believed that sacrificing oneself for their country was the greatest honor for any soldier. Today, his name is inscribed on a war memorial at India Gate in New Delhi, while his only Son Kartik and his widow Deepika resides in Bangalore.

Nitin’s elder siblings now live in the US and Canada and have established one of the largest eyesight projects for the rural population in North India.

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