About Yogesh Bhatia

Behind the Scene

Purity of Goal Makes Action Pure or Impure.

Yogesh Kumar Bhatia’s journey to charity work was not an easy one. As an immigrant to Canada in 2010, he faced many challenges and struggles like any other newcomer. Yogesh is a chemical engineer by profession and was working as a water treatment consultant and RO plant designer when his life took a tragic turn.

The death of his younger brother, who was deeply connected to the cause of cataract blindness, motivated Yogesh to work towards helping the underprivileged in India. He started researching the issue and discovered that cataract surgeries are a major cause of blindness in India and can be treated easily.

Yogesh’s research also revealed that cataract surgeries performed over one year eventually save $123.4 billion over 13 years and deliver a 4,567 percent financial return on investment to society. This proved that healthcare interventions create substantial economic wealth.

In 2013, Yogesh formed Friends For Cause Foundation to execute bigger and more organized eye camps for the rural population, and Gift Of Sight Projects have now become a dedicated mass movement for North Rural Population. He was soon joined by a group of young entrepreneurs, students, and NRIs based in Houston, US, and Vancouver, Canada, who supported the cause wholeheartedly.

Today, Gift Of Sight has become a huge movement, and thousands of people benefit every year due to Yogesh’s dedication. In April 2011, Friends For Cause Foundation Canada started their first Gift A Sight Project, providing cataract surgery to people living on the streets in India. Many Indian NGOs have since joined hands with them to execute these projects in India.

As Yogesh himself has said, “We all have the power to change the world. It may not be easy, but it is possible. And when we work together towards a common goal, anything is possible.”

Note đź‘Ť

If you are interested in learning more about Yogesh Kumar Bhatia’s work with Friends For Cause Foundation, you can contact him directly at yogivancouver@gmail.com. Yogesh is a firm believer in transparency and accountability and is happy to share information about how the organization executes and implements its projects. He is also open to discussing how he has been able to bring the cost of eye surgery below the government-supported cost and how he convinces private doctors to join his cause. If you have any questions or would like to learn more about his dedication to this cause, he is open to answering any inquiries.

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